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Welcome To Unique Sticks of the Ozarks


"Man's second invention was - the stick - 5,000 B.C." His first invention was the rock - as a tool, but some people debate that the stick was used first to uproot the rocks.

So the debate goes on...

One might remember illustrations of Moses and Shepherds using their sticks and staffs to herd their flocks - both people and sheep. The staff was the early symbol of leadership in the Church and in most organizations - the guy person with the big stick was the boss. Later in history -"Walk softly... and carry a big stick." And then the founder of the Boy Scouts, Lord Baden Powell, never seen without his trusty hiking staff. Today the stick is still a friend on the trail, always there to lend support, leverage or an advance "feel" of terrain ahead.

"Unique Sticks of the Ozarks" walking sticks are but one more attempt at variation on perhaps man's oldest tool - the stick.